Northern and Western Cape Quartz Crystal Specimens – BULKsa 014

Ten quartz specimens from the Northern and Western Cape SA

Description:  Twenty medium quality quartz crystal specimens measuring 43 - 97 mm in length. The darker specimens (those with colouring, due to hematite inclusions) are from the Northern Cape, and the rest being from the Western Cape, mined by ourselves. 

Two specimens are double-sided, and the specimen 2nd from the top (left) has several minute, greenish inclusions. Follow this link for more information on the minute clinochlore balls.  

Some of the specimens have nicks.

Total Weight of Specimens:  728 g  

Chemical Composition:  SiO2

Hardness on Mohs Scale: 7

Location:  Northern Cape and Western Cape, South Africa.

Specimen Code:  BULKsa 014

R 560




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