(?)Calcite, Mimetite and Malachite  - TS 012

(?)Calcite crystals with mimetite crystal sprays and bits of malachite

Measurements:  87 x 60 x 47 mm

Description:  (?)Calcite crystals with inclusions of some other mineral(s), with lovely mimetite crystal sprays and bits of malachite, on a (to us, unknown) matrix. 

This multi-sided specimen with interesting formation, displays well on a flat surface, in various positions. Bits of stubborn brownish clay cover parts of the specimen.

Some of the edges of the specimen are damaged.

Weight of Specimen:  150.1 g

Chemical Composition:  CaCO3 (calcite)
5(PO4)3Cl (mimetite)
2+(CO3)(OH)2 (malachite)

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (calcite) 3
                                           (mimetite)  3.5 - 4
                                           (malachite)  3.5 - 4

Location:  Tsumeb, Northern Namibia.

Specimen Code:  TS 012

R 450

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