Quartz Crystal Group  WC 007

Quartz crystal group with feldspar and bits of rutile

Measurements:  180 x 155 x 90 mm

Description:  A group of quartz crystals with feldspar and bits of rutile. 

The display side has relatively little damage, while the back of the specimen has a few contact marks. The specimen has flaws, typical of specimens from this area. 

The specimen displays well on a flat surface at an angle of 50.

Weight of Specimen:  1.668 kg 50 

Chemical Composition:  SiO2 (quartz)   
                                         TiO2 (rutile)
                                          KAlSi3O8 (basic feldspar)

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (quartz) 7
                                           (rutile) 6.6
                                           (basic feldspar) 6 - 6.5

Location:  Van Rhynsdorp area, Western Cape, South Africa.

Specimen Code:  WC 007

R 1 200


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