Smoky Quartz with Dolomite and Feldspar Crystals WC 028

Smoky quartz crystals with dolomite and feldspar crystals

Measurements:  148 x 140 x 115 mm

Description:  A group of light smoky quartz crystals with dolomite crystals and feldspar crystals inside and on some surfaces. 

One large crystal termination has only very small nicks, while the other two crystals have pressure marks. The specimen has a few flaws, typical of specimens from this area.

Weight of Specimen:  694 g

Chemical Composition:  SiO (quartz)
                                        KAlSi3O8  (feldspar)

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (quartz)  7 
                                            (feldspar)  6 - 6.5
                                           (dolomite)  3.5-4

Location:  Vredendal area, Western Cape, South Africa.

Specimen Code:  WC 028

R 1 500


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