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We are a husband-and-wife team who love and enjoy God's creation. When time allows, we drive out to farms (with the kind permission of the farmers) to look for crystals. We find this hobby very therapeutic and de-stressing. We are currently living in Ceres (Western Cape, South Africa), a town surrounded by rivers and mountains. We are enjoying a simple lifestyle, and live on Nature's doorstep...

Pierre has been interested in crystals since early childhood, and has been walking the Western Cape mountains for over 30 years, fly fishing for trout and looking for crystal deposits and Riana joins him on his outings whenever she can.

During his expeditions, Pierre has found a number of very interesting crystal deposits. Some of these locations and specimens will be featured on this site.

Since there are thousands of different types of minerals, we have chosen to stick to those that crystalize and are aesthetically pleasing e.g. quartz, tourmaline, topaz and beryls.

At this stage our collecting field is limited to Namibia and South Africa, particularly the Cape Province, but in time to come we hope to extend our field to other parts of Africa. Even though we have chosen to concentrate on a certain group of minerals, we must stress that we have access to a wide assortment of the finest minerals to be found in Namibia and South Africa, through fellow dealers with whom we have a good relationship. So if there is anything specific that you are looking for that we do not have, we will probably be able to obtain it for you.

Our goal is to offer a dynamic, effective and friendly professional service supported by good, conservative human relations based on our Christian beliefs and high ethical standards.

We hope you will find our website interesting and that we'll hear from you.

We have a blog, where you can read about some of our outings and special trips. Follow this link to Our Blog.

Pierre and Riana Joubert

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Pierre Mobile:       083 494 1262

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A Tribute to Nico van Dyk

Whoever spent some time in Uis, near the Brandberg, will know or would have heard about Nico and his microlight aeroplane. On August 31st 2009, Nico tragically died in a car accident on the Wilhelmsthal road, driving towards Uis.  A lady passenger from Uis died too, and one man survived the accident.

Whenever we visited Uis, we stayed over at The White Lady, which was run by Analene (Nico’s mother) and Nico.  We shall always remember his hospitality, cheerfulness and willingness to help. We are just two of many people that Nico treated (without charging us anything) by taking us with his microlight aeroplane to a nearby hill for early morning coffee, and to see the sun rise over the Brandberg.  

From time to time he also rescued a number of people, who have been stranded in the desert, with his microlight aircraft.  A number of the photographs of the Brandberg, that can be seen on our web-site, were photographed by Nico.  

Whenever we go to Uis again, we'll stay over at The White Lady, where Analene still is.  But Uis and the Namib desert will never be the same without Nico. 

     Nico with his microlight aeroplane   

   Nico with his microlight aeroplane.

    A familiar sight around Uis - until 31 August 2009

                                                                          A familiar sight around Uis - until 31st August 2009.


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