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Mineral specimens and crystals, especially from Namibia and South Africa

Online Crystals - We supply natural mineral specimens from (mainly) South Africa and Namibia, for your delight.

Please note that this website has been built specifically for people living in South Africa and Namibia.  If, however, people from other countries wish to order from this website, a 30% levy will be added, so as to not give foreigners an unfair advantage over South Africans and Namibians who have a (linked) weak currency.  South Africans and Namibians who wish to order from our international website, will be granted 20% discount on those orders (but not combined with our regular discount policy on the website).   

We have three main areas:  

1.  Namibian Mineral Specimens

        Namibia (All areas, except Tsumeb)
(The well-known Tsumeb mine, where no more mining is being done)

2.  South African Mineral Specimens

We mostly have specimens from the following 3 provinces:

      a)  Northern  Cape   

      b)  Western Cape

      c)  Mpumalanga (KwaNdebele)

3.  Variety

     a)  Bulk Sales 

Various (worldwide) - Here we have a variety of minerals for sale from various locations in Africa, as well as internationally. 


Southern Africa has amazing crystal and mineral wealth. We have spent a number of years collecting and enjoying this treasure. Our international website (Namibian Brandberg Crystals) has already been online since 2008, so we thought it high time to create a website aimed specifically at the South African market. It is a means by which we would like to share our love of mineral specimens and make them available to others.

Field Trips:  Follow the link to Our Blog.

Photographs:  Most of our specimens are photographed indoors with neon bulbs or outside in natural sunlight. Please take note that some specimens may appear slightly different when viewed in different sources of light eg. neon, white, or natural sunlight.

Site Map for Main Pages:

Specimens for Sale:

Please observe the measurements, to get an objective idea of the actual sizes.


If you would like to receive news about our blog, major oploads done or interesting mineral specimens that we acquired, just contact us with "Please add me to your e-mail list, and we'll do so. You will, however, be able to unsubscribe at any time, should you wish to stop receiving them. Just send us an e-mail to the same address, with "Please stop the e-mails" or "Unsubscribe".

Citrine quartz crystals on rock matrix
'Citrine' Quartz Crystals on Matrix

Smoky quartz crystals with cassiterite crystals
Smoky Quartz with Cassiterite Crystals

Wishing that you could see the beauty of your specimens often hidden from the naked eye?
**Try this!**

Latest Upload:  15 February 2024

 Watch this space as we upload new and interesting crystal specimens regularly for your enjoyment.

Amethyst quartz crystals on matrix
  Amethyst Quartz Crystals on Matrix
(KwaNdebele, Mpumalanga, SA

Quartz crystal group, fairly large specimen
Quartz Crystal Group
(Northern Cape, South Africa)

Pearly smithsonite crystals on chalcocite
Pearly Smithsonite on Chalcocite

Ten prehnite specimens
Prehnite Specimens from the Karoo
(Bulk Sales)

Shiny hematite on iron ore
Hematite on Iron Ore
Western Cape, SA)


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